What Design Can Do!
An international conference that addresses major societal challenges

Taking place in Amsterdam from its very beginning, WDCD decided to take its show on the road to São Paulo in 2015. The event starred over 18 brilliant speakers – among them Stefan Sagmeister, Alex Atala, and Rick Poynor – through live talks, workshops and casual breakout sessions.

The new visual language was based on the piled up yellow and green boxes, which resembled the urban jungle of São Paulo.

Both offline and online materials were designed to advertise the conference in English and Portuguese. Since 2015, WDCD continues to evolve and grow. After São Paulo, the conference expanded into Mexico City, Nairobi, and New Delhi. It has also included a series of design books︎ and even a global design challenge︎.


De Designpolitie︎

José de Holanda