Terrarea is an innovative concept that brings together a flower boutique, cafe, restaurant, and a homeware store. Also working as a cultural and workshop space, this restored warehouse is the perfect nature friendly spot for handcrafted products and healthy food lovers. 

The name results from the blend between “terra” and “área”, which are related to the concept of land, home and nature.

The logo makes use of the straight simple industrial lines of the building to represent a space that can be used for multiple purposes. A sort of geometric container with an organic core that can change over time.

The colors resemble natural elements such as plants, soil, vegetables, fruits, and clay, together with the store environment.

A website was designed to help customers find the perfect flowers for every occasion.

An e-commerce website was designed to enable customers to order from a selection of floral arrangements and plants, and get acquainted with the range of services available at Terrárea. From the website, clients can also send flowers with a customized card to a specified address.

Since 2016, Terrárea has become a beloved gathering point, attracting the tourists’ attention and conquering the hearts of the people from Matosinhos.



Branding, UX/UI, Graphic
Art direction, Naming and Design
Mafalda Remoaldo
Camila Nogueira

Revista Rua
S Studio