The sands of time

“The sands of time” offers a moment of reflection on the importance of time in design and life in general.  

The concept developed for this project is based on the form and function of an iconic long-existing time tracking device: the hourglass.

Althought it has become redundant as a timekeeper, the sand clock has surpassed its obsolescence as a symbol for the passage of time still to this day.

The present is a thin line.

The grains flocking in the hourglass gap, embossed in gold, represent the moment in which past and future touch each other through a fine line of sand, symbolizing the fact that the present is brief and ephemeral. However, this hourglass also reminds us that time is literally in our hands.

Designing the touch of time.

The postcards were printed on Curious Matter Goya White paper, known for resembling the texture of fine sand. In the end, a gold foil stamp was added to the front. The cards were sent in Curious Skin Extra White C6 silky envelopes, creating a tactile contrast between cover and content.

The concept was also expanded to a set of digital illustrations.

The hourglass

The soap bubble

The sundial


Illustration, Graphic
Mafalda Remoaldo