Before the invention of mechanical clocks, the hourglass was a widely used timekeeper.

Consisting of two glass bulbs connected by a narrow tube, the sand clock first became popular in the 14th century. However, its origins go back much further in history.

Commonly used for measuring short periods of time, the hourglass is an isochronical device, meaning that the mass flow rate of sand is always constant, regardless of how many grains are above, pushing down.

No matter how much we tap, shake, or swirl it, the particles will flow steadily through its gap. Just like time itself, we cannot rush it or stop it. 

In the practice of design, time is key.

In design, as in life, time is often a major issue. We consistently find ourselves managing deadlines, budgets, and clients’ expectations, as we try to improve our performance and deliver better work.

Taking time to fully understand the brief, as well as making room for experimentation and play, before setting the path for the design is not only fufilling, but also crucial.

Research, combined with strategic thinking and empathy, generally results in great solutions that not only achieve the goals we have set, but also evoke a strong emotional response. I believe you think along the same lines. 

Shall we work together?

As you might have noticed, the postcard you received is more than a kind reminder that we should spend our time wisely. It is also a pretext to introduce myself and express my greatest interest in working with you as a designer.

Within the past three years, I have worked independently and at several studios. I have gladly been involved in a number of projects such as designing user-centered digital platforms for corporate companies*, illustrating current affairs for one of the major magazines in Amsterdam ︎, creating the identity for an ancient Portuguese celebration ︎, and designing the campaign for an international design conference in Brazil ︎.

You can find my selected work and know more about me in this website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time.

*These projects are confidential so you will not find them in my portfolio. Nevertheless, I am able to give you some insight about them. One has received an honorable mention at Portugal Digital Awards 2018.